JV VIP/Varsity VIP Lockers

  • VIP Lockers are located INSIDE the VIP section & can only be accessed w/VIP Credentials! (GENERAL ADMISSION Lockers Click HERE!)
  • You will have unlimited access to your locker during festival hours & can come and go from your locker as you please!
  • Locker dimensions are: 11” wide, 13 ½” high, and 18” deep
  • After pre-purchasing your locker below, you will receive an email 48 hours prior to the event containing your locker location, locker #, and lock combination

Dreamville Festival 2020 JV VIP/Varsity VIP Lockers

Event takes place on August 29th in Raleigh, NC

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      Dreamville JV VIP/Varsity VIP Locker

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