Where do I reserve my locker?

  • From the homepage under “Upcoming Events” click on the event which you would like to rent a locker.   You will be directed to the Event’s Summary page where you will find detailed information regarding the event.  To purchase a locker for that event, click on the “Reserve Your Locker” box. A pop up box will show up on the screen where you will be prompted to fill out the necessary fields. Make sure to click “Accept” on the Terms and Conditions in order to proceed.  Once the necessary information is completed and you click continue, you will be directed to the purchase page where you will have the option to purchase up to 4 lockers at one time.  Upon completion of payment, you will receive an email with your receipt of purchase.

What do I do if I have not received my locker number & combo if I have reserved a locker and it was within 12 hours of the event?

  • Check your SPAM folder in the email address that you used to reserve your locker
  • Or you can also simply just visit our staff on site and they will be happy to direct you to your locker!

If I ordered online, what do I need to bring to the event in order to obtain my locker?

  • Confirmation page or Valid State issued Identification card

How do I find my locker at the event?

  • You will receive an email 24hrs prior to the event with your locker location, locker number, and lock password.

What am I allowed to store in my locker?

  • Please check the event’s website for details on what you are allowed to bring into the event.

What do I do if I forget my lock combination?

  • When you first open your locker, you will notice TWO wristbands for your use with the locker location, locker number, and lock combination.  DO NOT LOSE THIS!

Will I be able to access my locker anytime?

  • You may access your locker as many times as you wish while you are inside the event.  Once the event is over for that day, you must remove all items from the locker or you will be charged a fee. Please visit the LOST ITEMS page for further details.

What if I forget to gather my belongings after the event?

  • Please visit the LOST ITEMS page for further details!

How big is each locker?

  • Each locker unit is approximately 11” wide, 13 ½” high, and 18” deep. Big enough to fit a backpack, shoes, mini-cooler, and anything else you might need!

If I cannot make the event and have pre-ordered my locker, can I receive a refund?

  • Refunds are available up until 24 hours before the event.  After that point, you will not be refunded.

What happens if I forget my confirmation receipt?

  • Do not forget your confirmation receipt, however If you happen to forget this, a confirmation email on your phone or a valid State issued identification card will suffice.

Can I rent lockers at the event?

  • Yes, lockers are available for rent at the event itself however we suggest you pre-order your locker so that you are guaranteed to get one before they run out as well as not have to wait in line!