Upcoming Events

Events such as music festivals, athletic competitions, and conventions all have one thing in common; they draw thousands of people, all looking to have an enjoyable time in a secure environment. Entertainment Lockers fills a niche in providing security for personal items such as wallets, cell phones, purses, backpacks, or other personal items. Event attendees will have the ability to access their locker throughout the course of the event.20130609_124855

Portable Storage LockersAttendees can reserve a locker online prior to the event. Entertainment Lockers then sends an email within 24 hours of the event providing directions to the Entertainment Lockers tent, as well as a unique security code providing access to their personal locker. Attendees can purchase a locker for one day with unlimited access from the beginning to the end of an event day, or they may purchase a locker for the duration of a multi-day event. Attendees can also purchase a locker rental on-site as well.

In addition to the safe and secure lockers, Entertainment Lockers also provides cell phone charging stations which is a service that is necessary to have at all of your events.

Over the course of a long day, batteries run dead, and many attendees lose the ability to connect with their friends, capture moments through their cameras, or utilize social media. By giving attendees a place to charge their phones for a few minutes, Entertainment Lockers provides an even greater sense of relief to its customers. Entertainment Lockers works with the event planner to coordinate what services will be utilized and we provide a variety of pricing solutions to accommodate each individual event.

PitchforkBy becoming an added service and improving attendance with repeat visitors in future events, Entertainment Lockers helps make any major event safer and more enjoyable for all who attend. The secure nature of our service also reduces the possibility for lost or stolen items during the event.


For the event attendee, the lockers provide a convenience factor lacking at many events. Often times parking is at some distance from the venue making walking back to the car for a coat, beverage, or other personal items difficult and impractical. Everyone wins when Entertainment Lockers is part of an event!

For more information on how to get Entertainment Lockers at your upcoming event, contact us today, and please visit our “FAQ” and “About Us” pages to learn more!