• Individual Locker size: 11” wide, 13.5” high, 18” deep
  • Locker unit size: 15 lockers, 36” wide, 73” high, 18” deep
  • Each locker comes pre -equipped w/ a 4 digit easy-to-use lock
  • Online presale/reservation availability. (Rent a locker for an upcoming event here.)
  • Full service staffed & unstaffed/lease options
  • The perfect solution for your music festival, sporting event, conference, stadium, and hospital needs across North America.

Charging Stations

  • 144-phone simultaneous charging capacity, equipped with charging cords to fit every phone
  • Valet-style, first class service allowing customers to drop their phone off and then retrieve their charged phone at a later time
  • Sponsor Branding available.

Bar Top Charging Tables

  • Dimensions: 36” wide, 48” high
  • Each table contains:
    • (4) outlets
    • (8) USB ports
    • (4) iPhone Cables
    • (4) Micro USB cables
  • Surge Protected
  • Perfect for backstage, VIP areas, and Conferences!
  • Sponsor Branding Available

Mobile Charging Packs

  • 5,200 mAh, (2 full charges per pack)
  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • Cables included
  • Speed equal to wall charging
  • Built in LED flashlight
  • Sponsor Branding available

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