Portable LockersEntertainment Lockers specializes in providing safe and secure temporary storage solutions for large scale events. Entertainment Lockers coordinates the delivery, set-up, event management, and removal of all locker units. In addition to locker storage, we also provide additional services to your event including cell phone charging stations and coat/bag checks. Our exemplary staff handles every aspect of our services from start to finish. With flexible pricing and sales options, we make it easy to work out an arrangement that fits each particular event’s needs.

Benefits of using our service:

  • Increase your event sales revenue by participating in our revenue share program.
  • Increase merchandise sales by allowing customers to have a place to store their purchased items.
  • Provide an additional sponsorship platform for your event and increase sponsorship revenue.
  • Provide your patrons with a progressive service that is highly valued by event attendees and staff.

Locker Details:

  • Personal locker dimensions are: 11” wide, 13 ½” high, and 18” deep (Larger storage units available upon request)
  • Customers have the option of pre-ordering a locker via entertainmenlockers.com or your event’s website up until 24 hours prior to the event in addition to renting the locker at the event itself. Customers who pre-order their locker will receive an email 24hrs before the event notifying them of the locker location, locker number, and locker combination.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Entertainment Lockers offers a wide array of sponsorship opportunities for your event ranging from sponsored locker tents, logo wrapped lockers, and locker product inserts.  Increase your sponsorship support while providing sponsors a unique medium to deliver their message to a captive audience. At the same time, you will be providing an invaluable service to your event attendees.

Cell phone Charging Stations:

Entertainment Lockers provides table top kiosk’s that can charge up to 72 phones at one time. Charging ports are compatible with 95% of all mobile devices on the market today.

Coat/Bag Checks:

Entertainment Lockers provides events with the option of adding a coat/bag check.  We will take care of all planning, setup, and staffing for your event’s coat check/bag check station.