Which festival locker company should you choose? (

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Tucker

Music festivals are catching on and making improvements within the festival to improve the experience for the attendees. One of the more recent improvements is the addition of lockers that attendees can rent for the weekend. Having a locker allows the attendees to have a place that they can keep jackets, backpacks, or costumes so they don’t have to carry them when they don’t need them. The cost to the attendees is negligible especially when divided between a group of friends.

The idea behind the lockers is pretty simple and easy to execute. I am aware of two companies that are in the festival locker business. One is called Lockers Online and the other is called Entertainment Lockers (pretty exciting names huh?). Both companies allow the attendees to sign up online and purchase their locker prior to the festival. Both companies give you access to the lockers throughout the entire weekend. There is one major difference between these companies that makes festival goers love one and hate the other.

The difference is how you get into the locker. Lockers Online gives you an easy to lose key to access your locker (and a nice replacement fee when you lose the key). Entertainment Lockers gives their clients two wristbands with a combination for the lock on them. Unlike keys, wristbands are super hard to lose. The difference between these two methods may seem small but it can actually be the difference between festival locker success and complete failure. The fact of the matter is, people who need lockers are normally in groups. Everyone gets divided throughout the day so if you just have one key you are forced to to plan your day around meeting up with the keyholder to get your jacket when the it gets cooler at night. Lots of people rely on cell phones to reach their lost party but the reality is cell phones hardly ever work at music festivals. So if you are hoping to reach the person with a key you might be out of luck. This can lead to a very cold, frustrating, night of missing music while you wait for the keyholder to come to the locker.

Thankfully Entertainment Lockers uses combination locks on all of their lockers. With this simple feature everyone in the group has access to the locker anytime they want. Entertainment Lockers even puts up cell phone charging stations so people can power up their phones in between sets.

So if you are a festival and you are deciding on which company to go with, PLEASE choose a company that offers combination lockers. The fans will really appreciate it and will have a frustration free weekend just like you planned.