Cell Phone Charging Stations

Phone Charging Stations for Large Events

Entertainment Lockers provides a cutting-edge Cell Phone Charging Stations coupled with world-class service.  Our proprietary, custom-fabricated charging stations boast a 72-phone simultaneous charging capacity along with the flexibility for multi-platform charging.

With the Entertainment Lockers Charging Station Solution, patrons are free to wander about the event while their device is recharging.  Our industry-first, valet-style service offers event patrons freedom from toting around cumbersome wall chargers, having to wait around while their phone charges, and the added security of a professional staff.

The Entertainment Lockers Charging Stations is your one stop shop for small and large-scale events alike! There is no event too small or too large! Let the Entertainment Lockers Charging Station’s reenergize your event patrons today!

For additional information as well as our charging station leasing programs please contact: