Lost Items

Individuals are responsible for removing all items from the locker at the end of the event. In some instances, items left behind are left with the Promoter of the event.  In other instances, Entertainment Lockers ships the items back to their warehouse in Morton Grove, Illinois.  In either situation, contact Peter Kozera at (847) 323-2372 or peterkozera@entertainmentlockers.com to obtain information and/or return your lost items.  If the items are at the Entertainment Lockers warehouse, we will ship items left behind to you provided you provide payment for shipping and handling.

*** Please note that according to our Terms and Conditions, “the Operator can never and on no account be held liable for the loss resulting from lock failure, riots, vandalism, weather, services accessed by others, lock combination accessed by others, theft, or failure to collect the Articles after use.  The Operator is on no account liable for loss unless willful acts or gross negligence can be demonstrated against the Operator.  Should it be held by final legal decision that the Operator is liable for loss, it will on no account be liable for more than $200 per incident.” ***